Antimicrobial Resistance Mediation OutReach Program

Our mission is to educate the public about antimicrobial resistance and influence more responsible, sustainable use of antibiotics.
In global health, every single person has a responsibility. Bacteria do not respect borders; in our globalized society, an antimicrobial resistant infection is a plane ride away from becoming a global epidemic. We all use antimicrobials every day—from the food we eat to the soap we use to wash our hands—so it is imperative that we educate the public and encourage sustainable practices when dealing with antimicrobials.

We founded the Antimicrobial Resistance Mediation OutReach (ARMOR) Program to empower communities to promote responsible use of antibiotics through raising awareness about antimicrobial resistance and leading local campaigns to urge the public to adopt sustainable antimicrobial practices.

Find a Project You're Passionate About

Video Project

Antimicrobial resistance affects everyone; bacteria do not respect borders and irresponsible practices can contribute to a dangerous superbug epidemic. Make a video sharing your own perspective on antimicrobial resistance and what people can do to use antimicrobials more responsibly.
Global Video Project

Interview Professionals

Doctors and nurses are on the front lines of the antimicrobial resistance challenge, dealing with outbreaks and teaching patients how to use antibiotics responsibly. Scientists and researchers dedicate their lives to the development of new treatments for resistant infections. Find these individuals in your community, interview them and share their story with the world.

Community Activism

Global health is a community effort. Antimicrobial soaps are still widely used. Many people do not wipe down their gym equipment after working out. Urge your community towards practices that prevent the development of superbugs.
CU Boulder ARMOR

Global Video Project