Accelerating Research & Development for Countering Evolving Pathogens

Antimicrobial Regeneration Consortium.

Antimicrobial resistance is a major health crisis humanity faces today affecting both high and low-income countries. The emergence of super bugs and ineffective antibiotics in the face of multi-drug resistant pathogens underscores the need for new antibiotics and new antibiotic classes. In 2013, more that 2 million people were infected by antibiotic-resistant infections every year in ‚Äčthe US alone, with at least 23,000 succumbing to those infections.

If unchecked, super bugs will be responsible for more than 10 million deaths each year by 2050, far outpacing all other major causes like diabetes, cancer, and road accidents, and its economic impact will reach $100 trillion by that time. Therefore, the goal of Antimicrobial Regeneration Consortium (ARC) is to develop a rapid antibiotic development pipeline to enable high-throughput discovery of therapeutics that will allow targeting of any current or emergent pathogens.

ARC Labs responds to the global issue of antimicrobial resistance by accelerating drug research through taking the burden of fund-raising and outreach, maximizing researcher's time for investigation, and providing a pathway for rapid translation to the bedside. This would allow us to respond to emergent infectious threats in real time.

Our efforts are designed to handle the extreme, thus providing a response to current and future health crises.